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Individual Therapy

The sheer act of two humans working together on a problem is transformative. With individual therapy you can work on a multitude of issues.
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Relationship Therapy

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and between us we have experience working with many different kinds of relationships
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Family Therapy

Family therapy can help the children and parents feel heard, assist parents in the establishment their needs for the home, and collaboratively set mutually understood family rules and boundaries.

Addiction Counseling

Alcoholism and addiction is a problem that cannot be solved with will-power alone. In addition to being licensed therapists, we are also certified addiction counselors and have years of experience among helping those who struggle with addictions of all varieties.


It would be easy to believe that the purpose of an intervention is to help the person who struggles with an alcohol or substance use disorder, but that’s not the entire story.
Group therapy

Group Therapy

As professionals who all started out as addiction treatment counselors, we are highly skilled at conducting groups at your facility that are of a process group nature, or of an interactive addiction education experience for your clients.